Download Help
Downloading Larger Files

Larger files (typically > 250 Mb) may take several minutes or potentially hours to download, even over the fastest connections.

To be notified via email when the download is complete, select the Email Confirmation option on the Download Preferences page.

Common Downloading Problems

Here are solutions to the most common questions or problems experienced when downloading:

  • The download seems to complete successfully, but when I try to unzip or install the program, I get a "Bad archive" or "Not a valid archive" error message.

    This is an indication that the file you have downloaded is not complete. Compare the file size (in bytes) on your hard-drive against what the website lists for that file. In most of these cases, the sizes will not match, and you will need to download the file again

  • I get "Not enough free disk space" or similar error messages indicating that I do not have enough free disk space available - but I checked and I do have enough free space.

    Operating systems, such as Windows, use a temporary location to hold the file until the download completes before transferring the file to its destination. This is typically on C:, and therefore that drive as well as the target location needs to have enough free space to hold the file you are downloading.

    To check if the location and amount of disk space of your temporary directory is adequate for the file that you are downloading, select Tools, Internet Options from the Internet Explorer toolbar menu, and then click "Settings" on the General tab. If the space is not adequate, you can clear out any unnecessary files from that space by clicking "Delete Files" also from the General tab.

    On some systems, the C: drive is a small partition or used up by installed applications - in these cases, the D: drive or other location may have more free space for this purpose.

  • The download window opens but the actual download doesn't occur.

    The reason can be a missing component of Java. To be able to download, the user must have Java Runtime Environment installed (JRE):

    • For installing JRE click here
    • Choose Java Runtime Environment (select relevant version)
    • Run the program
    • Try to download

Slow Downloading Times

Here are helpful options for addressing seemingly slow download transfer times:

  • My download completes, but I know that utilities are available that could speed up or help me manage my download.

    Download Accelerators are programs that can run stand-alone or can extend your browser to enhance downloading. Most Download Accelerators to your browser and will start automatically when you click the "Download" button on this site. Download Accelerators can restart failed or cancelled downloads without having to re-download the whole file. However, because we use a dynamically generated URL for the download, you will not be able to resume a partial download on this site if it has been more than 8 hours since you started.

  • My download does not complete in the time I expected.

    You may wish to confirm the throughput that you are actually able to achieve through your connection. There are many web sites available to help you do this - is one that you can try. If you are still concerned about your download speeds after having validated your throughput, please contact Customer Support and provide the following information:

    • Your logon ID to this site (please include email address if different from login ID)
    • The operating system and version for the computer you are using to access this site
    • Your IP Address and the NAT Address that your firewall uses
    • Are you using a proxy server? If yes, what type?